Monday, December 29, 2008

1st randomness

My Brother-in-law, Frank, inspired me. He and his missus (my husband's sister), Laura have come all the way to Central Texas to visit the family for Christmas. This is a once in 4 years event and Matt and I had a great time with them.

It took a couple of visits, but I think I have Franks personality pegged down (at least a little bit and of course, he will deny, deny,deny).

Frank is a very serious natured, dry humor, geeky (in a good way), comic book loving, teen guiding, animal loving teddy bear. Yep! That's Frank. Very neat guy even if his persona is a bit complicated. It's an act I tell you and I am on to him.
Yep! It'a ALL his fault. He mentioned a time or 5 that he blogs in his spare time. Blog?

What's that? So, I had to go look. I'm up for new things, only it turns out I am STILL behind the times because blogging has been avoiding my radar for years it turns out.

Yikes! What's a trendy girl to do!

So, THANKS Frank......this is all YOUR fault! hahaha......

So let's start by saying that I have nothing of intelligence to offer in this post and probably any future ones. Simply because dumb works for me. That is why I chose randomness. It gets me off the hook for any expectations that you might have about me and this blog. lol.

Still, I think it's kinda cool. I can write my random thoughts (watch out guys, this could get ugly) and I can add pictures and other neat gadgety things . How 'bout that?

Happy New year noone since I am the only one who knows about this.

Here's one for ya Frank and's Howard....oops I mean Gordon....